Caldo Vita Mission

Caldo Vita is an Italian garment brand that started its business in 2016 in the Zagros Poush Holding in Iran. With an equipped factory in the west of Iran in the Lorestan province, Caldo Vita has been able to increase its production constantly mixing the Italian style and Iranian culture. With formation of professional teams of design and production, research and development and marketing and advertisement, Caldo Vita has been able to establish a bridge in between the modern world and the men’s garment production. Our audience is categorized into three groups of young teenagers, adults and middle-aged men. The research and development team of our company offers various garments designs (casual and formal) according to the age category and geography (culture and custom of each city) to our production team. This is the most important goal of Caldo Vita which is our mission statement that is: Every customer has its own garment production.

Our team

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Caldo Vita Goals

Our goal in Caldo Vita is production of garment according to the Iranian culture and style. Since clothing is directly related to our emotions and excitement, we are trying to fulfill both these emotions and an appealing design for our stores. In addition to our local stores distributed in Iran’s different cities, we have also established an online shopping website at Having a plan in mind, we are aiming to open 10 branches in Iran’s major cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan and Bandarabas along 4 online shopping applications until the early 2019.